In late August i travelled to Perth Western Australia to support a new Football initiative of Louise and Neil Allison and the Edmund Rice Foundation . It was great to be able to lend a hand to this great work. On the way i chose to carry 2 massive bags of graduation stoles for Saint Francis Xavier College in Melbourne. Our Ruben Sewing department made the 415 stoles. It was one performance getting them there and putting all on the line for our team.

Now i am well and truly back and catching up with all that happened in the week and half away. the big achievement was the opening for use of the newly constructed Baby Care Centre, all done in the three weeks school holidays. Thanks to Denis and a some teachers from Newcastle way, for the AUD 25,000 needed. Already an increased attendance is the mother's vote for a job well done. Cracking over 50 wee kids per day now.

Ruben Centre