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Welcome to the World- New Baby

  • Ruben Centre 20094 Mukuru Kwa Reuben NAIROBI Kenya (map)

Umbilical cord cut and now I am all  alone.

The last nine months has prepared me well for this moment . But now that it has begun………… I lie here. Pre clothes time.  ….Finally  I am together .  Soul and now body.  Eternity  briefly  made flesh for our world.Breathing and just gathering consciousness. Absorbing how precious this  beginning time and moment  is. Never to be revisited time. 

I am whole and a true Angel of  my Maker, however I know for sometime now this sense of  total  divine oneness will be lost, however my still  pure, whole  and undefined state helps me believe all will be well. 

The human condition is yet to make its mark on me. I am not hungry, worried, fearful, scarred, nervous, needy, smelly, shameful, alienated, rejected   or lonely. What a joy to breathe, to live.

I Am! … And  Christmas  invites me to also know God is!