Child Doctor Program

The Child Doctor program is a Japanese based organisation that provides free healthcare and medical assistance to disadvantaged children whose families are unable to access treatment due to financial restraints.

The Ruben Centre was the first organisation in Kenya to be linked with the Child Doctor Program. Since this partnership began in February 2012, 375 children have benefited from free medical treatment at the Ruben Health Clinic for diseases such as malaria and typhoid.  Seventeen of these children are currently attending regular therapy sessions at the Ruben Centre for management of chronic conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.

The Child Doctor Program is overseen by two staff at the Ruben Centre. Children are identified as candidates for the program when parents admit they are unable to pay for treatment, or fail to attend appointments.  A home assessment is conducted by a staff member, and children are admitted to the program based on their level of need for treatment, and the family’s home situation and financial means.  Once approved, the Child Doctor Program funds all the child’s medical costs until they reach the age of 15.

Establishing links with the Child Doctor Program has enabled the Ruben Centre to treat members of the community who could not otherwise afford access to basic healthcare. It is a vital and successful partnership that aims to improve the lives of many in the Ruben area.