Just be happy to make a financial difference to the Centre.

In January 2019 the Centre will begin the year with an operation deficit of US$ 250,000 . This is new territory for us. We can blame Trump for pulling the plug on USAID funded Orphan and vulnerable children program here (US $100,000 ) and other parts of Kenya, but he would most likely say it was ‘fake news’ and deny everything, so we can also blame the Centre Team for being too compassionate and just doing what has to be done to make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable here in the slum.

Also we can blame new emerging programs like the birthing unit that is designed to give the best possible start in life to wee babies of the slum, ( 80 of them in November and 338 in six months) or taking in too many kids into the school ( nearly 3,000 now) and needing too many teachers or maybe it is just hard economic times and having to pay US$ 21,000 so far for electricity in 2018 and finally maybe it is just foolishness in believing like Edmund Rice did that ‘ Providence Is Our Inheritance” and the money will come.

We invite you to make a financial difference to the Ruben Centre through your kind donations to keep the programs at Ruben Centre up running come next year. You also have an option of donating towards specific needs at the Centre as indicated below.

Lets Begin..



Therapy support for a child with special needs;

When you donate $25.00 to Ruben a young child with a disability will have access to full assessment and two therapy sessions. Our unit has one occupational therapist and one physiotherapist. In a day they see 15 to 20 Children in a day most of them from Mukuru Slums. Support a child get occupational therapy sessions when they need it.



100 books on 50 devices

Improve the reading options for over 3000 children  when you buy 1 book to be uploaded onto 50 of our E-Readers (Kindle equivalents) - and, as a further bonus -  E-Reader will upload another book for free onto the 50 tablets. This will play a key role in improving the reading culture of our young children.



High School scholarship per year

Any amount towards our Oasis of Hope program will enable our top students to access the Secondary education of their choice.  Currently there is no Government high school in Mukuru Kwa Reuben, so your donation will ensure these amazing, bright students don’t have their education opportunities diminished because of access and lack of funding. 



Water Fountains -School

Your $25.00 will enable us to install an extra water fountain across the school grounds resulting in ready access to clean water all year round. The Ruben Centre has a borehole that supplies the school with water but we have few Water Fountains in the school to cater for over 3,000 students.



Art Resources - Art Room

Bring joy into the Art classes when children have coloured pencils; paints and crayons to use when they attend their weekly art classes.The school has an art timetable which ensures all children have an art lesson every week. Your donation could also help sponsor best students in art club to attend drawing competitions with other schools.




For this small amount you can provide 2 collection rubbish bins in strategic spots across Ruben. Through these rubbish bins we aim to support a “Keep it clean” campaign. All our waste will then be used in a variety of Eco-friendly ways to save the environment. Did you know Ruben makes its own heating fuel from waste materials??



Playground equipment

The fun a playground can provide - Swings; Slides; an obstacle course.  Each piece of equipment would cost around $100.00, and would mean that the children of our community would have new playground equipment in a safe environment, ready for play anytime of the year....weekends; holidays. 



Alumni - Street Theatre Group

Our Youth are looking to expand their talents through Street Theatre and Thematic Education.  A learning and development experience to build the new theatre group will cost $100.00 per student. This role will enhance the advocacy role of Ruben Centre through education on key advocacy issues affecting the community.


Shamba - Urban Farming

As little as $30.00 will buy 4 breeding rabbits to enable children to practically learn how to care and breed animals in our Urban Farm. We also train the community on how to breed rabbits as an economic empowerment program for youth in the Slums of Mukuru and beyond.



School Desks

Why not provide space & seating for 3 students by purchasing a school desk?  Having suitable, clean learning spaces is so important for our children, help them by buying new desks to start the new year.

pik12 (3).jpg

US$100.00 per term

Scout Program

For as little as $100.00 per term you can support our kids to enjoy all the benefits of the scouting life - including uniforms; badges; excursions; resources.  For those of you who remember scouting as “A life-time learning opportunity”



High School Student - study support access

With every $100.00 we can provide a tutor for 10 students, and give them access to a study space in our Library throughout the school holidays. The students will also be able to access mentorship program every school holidays.