About Us

Ruben Centre is a faith-based organization striving for an empowered and just Mukuru community by providing quality education, health, financial and social services to children and families in Mukuru community.

The Ruben Centre is a non-profit, charity organization run by the Christian Brothers African Province. It is one of eight Christian Brother’s project sites across Africa, and offers educational, health and community development programmes to the residents of one of the largest slums in Nairobi (known as both the Ruben Slum as well as Mukuru community).

History of Ruben Centre

The establishment of the primary school in 1986 saw the beginning of what is now known as the Ruben Centre. Sister Mary Killeen, a Mercy Sister was the founder of this school. In 1992, the management of the school was handed over to the Japanese NGO African Education Fund (AEF). In 1995, the first class of KCPE students completed their primary education. However the AEF withdrew after six years, leaving the school and fledgling clinic they had established in a precarious state. Sr. Mary Killeen continued again as the Administrator.

In 1998 the first Teachers Service Commission teachers were employed, and the school was registered as a Kenyan government school. Vocational Classes for Carpentry and Dress Making and Tailoring were also started. In 2000 the Christian Brothers responded to Sr. Mary’s invitation to administer Ruben Centre, as it became known. In 2001, Br. Bob Aron the first Christian Brother Manager initiated some developments, including drainage, playing field and toilets. However the most significant new development was the building of a police post by the Christian Brothers, bringing with it improved security and a new confidence within the local community, concerning the Centre’s permanence. In 2003 the very primitive clinic was replaced by a new modern Clinic, which offered more services. Also that year, the Kenyan government initiated free primary education and this ushered in a huge expansion in the student population. Since then the Ruben Centre has extensively grown and to date we have eight operational programs.


An empowered and just Mukuru community.


To offer quality education, health, financial and socio – economic services to children and families in Mukuru community.

Core Values:

In working towards the attainment of its vision through its mission, Ruben Centre is guided by the following core values:

  1. Faith in God

  2. Integrity

  3. Commitment

  4. Human dignity

  5. Confidentiality

  6. Equality

  7. Compassion

  8. Patience

  9. Professionalism

  10. Team work

  11. Excellence

How We Work

Ruben Centre works in collaboration with donors and partners to achieve her vision of ensuring a just and empowered Mukuru community. All programs are either donor funded or administered by a partner through memorandum of understanding.

The community plays a vital role in establishment of programs and in the very essence of existence of the Centre.  The Centre works hand in hand and in collaboration with the community to deliver tailor made solutions to the very needs of the people.  This is made possible through continuous needs assessments surveys and constant evaluation of existing programs to see to it that they are relevant and beneficial to the beneficiaries. There are Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) who are the eyes and ears of the Centre who act as link with the community. They provide first hand fundamental information pertaining to developments, needs and challenges facing the residents of Mukuru slum.  

The Centre has proper structures and policies to ensure that all donor funds are utilized appropriately and to ensure that the envisioned purposes are achieved. A seven member advisory board puts the operations of the Centre on check and works in cooperation with department heads to warrant smooth running of the different programs. The operations of the board are governed by the board’s constitution. The Centre also has well outlined operations manuals for all departments that spell out duties and responsibilities of all individuals working at the Centre. 

The Centre largely works with children and families and to safeguard the interests of the children. Ruben Centre has put in place policies such as child protection policy and code of professional conduct to protect minors against any professional misconduct concerning staff