Determination and Resilience- Beyond Disability

Born a normal child in the year 2002, David Mwangi, currently enrolled in our Human Development and skills Training Program has in him an inspiring story. A story of the undeterred journey of life despite him ailing from   Mental retardation (Mental Handicap).

Having been born in Muranga County, David’s parents moved to Nairobi as a family in order to make both ends meet. They later settled in Mukuru slums where his father got an informal employment which at least managed to put food on their table. However, David’s life changed in 2004 after he got into a fatal accident together with his family as they were travelling back to Muranga for Holidays.

Many passengers succumbed and David’s father was among the casualties after he got a severe impact on the head and died on the spot. His Mother sustained a leg injury while for David, he sustained serious injuries that affected both the brains and the spinal cord; which left him Mentally Handicapped.

David was enrolled in the normal school but later was tansferred to the Special unit for specialized education. David has been very determined to finish Primary School and Last year he sat for his Final Examination (KCPE). He managed to score 130 marks out of 500 marks. He has now joined Vocational skills training where he has learnt bead making.

Despite his disability, David is determined to make it in life. He is currently pursuing a Certificate in Tailoring and Dress Making and he says he will work hard and become the next big Fashion designer.

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