The fully automated mind ray machine that helps to do up to 100 tests at a go.

The fully automated mind ray machine that helps to do up to 100 tests at a go.

Last week the Ruben Health Centre (RHC) laboratory team received the eagerly awaiting fully automated biochemistry machine.

As the name suggests, the machine is fully automated and connectable to a computer system enabling a wider range of clinical tests, delivered more efficiency in terms of time and labour.

Mind ray BS 230 has a vast test menu with outstanding capabilities of catering for nearly 95% of the RHC needs. Gone are the challenges associated with delayed tests results which often frustrated patients and delayed the onset of the right treatment.


Ruben health Centre has enrolled in a program pursuing ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 15189 certification. The fully automated machine has come in handy in helping us meet vital External and Internal Quality Assessment set standards required to achieve ISO 15189 in medical clinical chemistry diagnosis.

 As listed below:-

·         -Quality   results; the machine has high precision and accuracy

·         -Customer satisfaction; The Machine can run a 100 tests within a span of 30 mins AND 200TESTS per hour thus meeting the recommended turnaround time as per ISO 15189 accreditation standard.

·         -It minimizes wastage as the reagents are inbuilt thus lowering cost of operation.

·         -Outstanding turnaround time-Turnaround time is key in managing emergency cases.

·         User friendly hence convenient for even new users.


RHC, together with Ruben FM, is planning to advertise widely the wide varieties of test menu of our new mind ray BS-230.

 This will improve the health and well-being of the Mukuru people and also lead to a healthier financial situation of our   newly certified level 3 Health Centre.

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