Mukuru Employment Agency


This proposal and Business Plan for The Mukuru Employment Agency (MEA) – has been developed as a way forward towards viable employment for residents of Mukuru Kwa Ruben.  The concept is developed to support the challenges faced through the employment placement and transition to work, and most importantly to create opportunities to connect employer to employee.   By providing employment training and support to residents, and by opening doors with the local employers, RCEA can create win-win outcomes by matching educated and confident talent into the local industry job market.

Purpose of Recruitment: Determine current and future needs: To determine the present and future needs of the organizations, with the combination of their personal plan and job analysis activities. This is one of the most important objectives.

The agency aims to support young people to increase their awareness and understanding of the interdependent and unequal world in which we live, through a process of interactive learning and interaction between the employers and employees.

Its amazing even as I set the office, the number of people who have just passed and ask how can I get employed? The reality is we have many skilled and unskilled youths who are willing to be productive in the society and what we can do is just to create a platform for them to discover their potentials. My learning has been if youths are equipped with the right skills this includes training in job application support, job interview training and work readiness training and link them with the right jobs, they will with time transform their lives and society at large through sustainable jobs where they can earn a living .

By Sunday Otieno.

Edited: Gregory Barake

Ruben Centre