Ruben Medical clinic

The Ruben Centre Health Clinic began in a tin shed in 1992 and was first started by a Japanese NGO – African Education Fund. After the Christian Brothers began administering the Centre, a new clinic was built and it opened in 2003. This new clinic offered much needed improvements and to date the clinic offers a range of services, which include: outpatient services, nutrition services, asthma clinic, child welfare clinic, antenatal clinic, cervical/breast cancer screening, laboratory services, TB clinic, dental care, reproductive health and has a well equipped pharmacy.


Baby Care Centre

The Baby Care Centre – christened as Edmund Rice baby care- was established in 2014 as a measure to respond to the high rates of malnutrition among children under five. This was attributed to the fact that most mothers with young children were not working or earning a livelihood because they had no safe place to leave their babies. Single mothers head most of the households in the Mukuru community, so the essence of this baby care is to free up mothers to go and work while they leave their children in a secure, safe and child friendly place.

Lea Toto

Lea Toto program is a partner program. It is a community based care program of the Children of God Relief Institute COGRI, which extends Nyumbani care of HIV+ children in to the wider community. The program targets children who are HIV infected and works with families to ensure that they lead a healthy and quality life- positive living. Lea Toto further strives to prevent possibilities of infant infections by their mothers.



Child doctor program

The Child Doctor program is a Japanese based organisation that provides free healthcare and medical assistance to disadvantaged children whose families are unable to access treatment due to financial restraints.