Orphans & Vulnerable Children Program

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program is a five year project that aims at improving the welfare and protection of the most vulnerable children affected by HIV by increasing resilience and empowering parents and caregivers to make investments that will improve the health and wellbeing of OVC. This has been achieved through household and community capacity strengthening with knowledge, skills and services that will reduce vulnerability. Ruben center as a service delivery partner in Nairobi county has a case load of 2200 OVC (Male 1052, Female 1148) distributed across two wards: 1350 OVC in Kwa Njenga and 850 OVC in Ruben which represents 1.18% of the overall project goal of reaching 187,037 OVC.

Here are some of the interventions that this program offers the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the community.

The Program carries out a number of activities to ensure the needs of the OVC’s is taken care of:

Increased access to health and social services for OVC and their families.

  • Birth certificate mobilization and registration
  • Monitoring of treatment and viral suppression for reactive OVC
  • Train caregivers of positive parental practices
  • Child testing and counseling
  • Girls mentorship

Strengthened capacity of households and community to protect and care for OVC

  • Economic strengthening committee meeting
  • Training on financial literacy
  • Training on entrepreneurship and small business management skills

Strengthening child welfare and protection systems at the national level and improved structures and services for effective responses in targeted counties

  • Monthly Quality Improvement meetings
  • Data reconstruction and filings