Transitioning into the Workplace Program


The Ruben administrators now believe a new phase is possible to address the issue of  “What comes after the Training?”.  The Kenyan economy is very much dependent upon the informal sector of commercial activity employing many young people and women in particular. All over the country from small towns to larger markets in big cities, people are busy at sewing machines, knitting machines, computers and with  a host of other activities on side streets, in back yards and  literally in any space especially in the slums of  Nairobi.

So Ruben Centre has introduced post training phases to offer training, financial assistance and supervision for youth and women wanting to use their newly acquired skills and help them get started in some business activity. The old Vocational Training Centre was replaced by a new facility and the old one has been refurbished into a work place for graduates of the training programs. 

“Transitioning-students” into the work place is an initiative of the Human Development and Skills Training Program (HD&STP) to facilitate beneficiaries of the program to transit into the work place by providing a working space, machines and the start-up capital loan to commence their own business.  During the transition period students are educated and counselled in business development; management and proposal writing, that will enable them to translate their own business ideas into reality.   

Life-skill development; marketing design; and, English for Business are also some of the course instruction that the transitioning students receive.