Physiotherapy proves pivotal in Mukuru and its environs


Did you know that you can access Occupational/physiotherapy services at a cost of Ksh. 70 only at Ruben Centre? Meet 10 year old Emmanuel who was being a typical boy until he injured his arm and dislocated his elbow late last year. The mother, who raises the boy single handedly, explained how she frantically sought help at the medical center within the vicinity but she was referred for further medical attention in one of the level five hospitals in Nairobi. It was here where her troubles went from bad to worse. After an x-ray scan the doctor who had taken the young family in put an arm cast without proper examination which resulted to the arm bending at a right angle. This meant the boy would require occupational /physiotherapy to amend the arm.

Her problems went on as she did not understand what was happening per se until she performed a final x-ray and it was here that the orthopedic surgeon told Winnie Mueni, Emmanuel’s mother, he needed physiotherapy to correct the situation. Winnie could not afford the price of the procedure and so she set back to Ruben Centre where she met professionalism at a fair price. In her own words Winnie said, “After meeting Occupational Therapist Fred I believed that my boy will be well.”

She has then been bringing Emmanuel for sessions since January 2019 and the results are tremendous! Emmanuel’s arm is almost straight and in just a few more sessions he will fully be able to stretch his arm to the normal 180 degrees and hopefully be able to his normal activities and play just like his mates.

Our Occupational therapy has been seeing an average of 20- 25 clients a day all coming in for different services. Most cases reported are of rickets and Cerebral palsy patients alongside others. Most of our clients are coming from Mukuru Slums but we have had clients coming from as far as Kayole, Imara Daima and Mathare Slums.


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