Easter Basket: Servanthood, Giving & Love


This year’s Easter Basket was a complete success, seeing to it that 400 children from different families got a basket of goodies. The criteria to ascertain which child deserves this basket is simple. The class teacher of every class is tasked to find 10 of the most needy students. This was achieved successfully because Ruben Primary teachers have a one on one interaction with their students. The 400 students include 10 from the special needs units, which the teacher tries to be 100% fair.

The speeches by main speakers reiterated one thing: sharing is caring. Br. Frank was brief with his perfectly articulated Swahili speech but expressed immense gratitude to the Easter Basket committee. He went on to thank the parents who availed themselves for occasion. Last but not least, he appreciated the donors who enabled the day to come to existence.

The head teacher of Ruben Primary, Mrs. Scholastica Opiyo spoke to the children, encouraging them to be disciplined over the upcoming holiday. She thanked the alumni association that has been involved in depth with the school and credited an improvement in academics to them. The parents were not spared, been told to ensure that they have Ksh. 250 come the second academic term for lunch. The chief administrator also reminded the parents of the agreement between the school and them during the AGM earlier this term where each parent was supposed to bring a plastic chair. She concluded by telling the parents and students that holiday assignment should be completed by start of the new term.

Other speeches were made by alumni association (Joseph Nyamasyo) where they confirmed they had contributed 30 bales of flour. Other highlights were the marvelous performances by the gymnastics team, orchestra, school choir and alumni association who performed a skit. Apart from food supplies the parents and the children received free clothes. Although not all parents attended, the many that were there showed much appreciation and expressed so much joy. They praised Ruben Centre enthusiastically and believed their 2019 Easter was definitely changed for the best.

Ruben Centre