Life Saving Maternity!


Beyond-zero. It probably may not make sense on its own. So I will try explaining it as I witnessed at the maternity clinic at Ruben Centre. Under the umbrella initiative covered by beyond-zero, “Linda mama” is catering for the free delivery of babies. Basically what happens is that upon arrival at the Ruben Medical Clinic, a mother is registered for Linda Mama (if she’s not a member). A nurse then proceeds to check the vitals of the expectant mother as precautionary. The nurse does a physical examination and vaginal one as well. For mothers that are due, they are escorted to the delivery beds and the procedure begins.

Once the baby is delivered, s/he is put in a resuscitation machine in case they have mucus clogging their breathing system. With state of the art equipment at Ruben Medical Clinic, such procedures are carried with upmost professionalism. After that, the baby is taken to be given a score. It is at this step if the baby’s score is less than 6 it is referred to a referral hospital for further monitoring. The mother and babies who are faring well are moved to the post natal ward. Initially the beds were only 4 due to low traffic but with much gratitude to the capable governor the number has increased to 8 beds, with the capacity to hold even more!

Key points to note are that:

·         Ruben Medical has been offering free maternity services since 21st May 2018

·         The medical center has had 652 admissions, with 583 mothers delivering a whooping total of 586 babies. This is with an average of 3 safe deliveries per day.

·         Being a level 3 health center, caesarian section as a method of delivery is not offered, for those mothers who need an emergency caesarian they are referred and transferred to another hospital.

·         The mother is supposed to be with the baby at all times to avoid baby theft.

·         Kangaroo baby care is practiced and highly encouraged for both parents to practice as it helps in bonding, giving natural warmth to the baby, healing of the uterus quicker for the mother and boosts the baby’s immune.

·         The medical center also offers post natal checkups for the mother and the baby.

·         Even though it is based in the Mukuru community, its credibility has attracted mothers from as far as Mlolongo, Ruaraka, Fedha, Pipeline and other areas.

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