World Reader Visit & Birmingham University donation


On the 7th of May 2019, we had a group of amazing visitors who believe that reading not only gives opportunity to further our education; but, broadens our horizons; and creates in all of us a sense of wonder. 

30 people, from all over the world, who are members of the World Reader Program, including their Board and organizational staff, took the morning to familiarize themselves with the Ruben Centre, and visualize how effective the digital reading programs are for the students.   In fact, they were amazed to see children bursting through the doors for reading time, and story-telling.  Library lessons are very much a favorite with our Ruben students, and this in the main is due to the digital learning devices, and the fact that every child reads from their own device and the device allows the individual access to dictionary and revision learning.

Ruben Centre is fortunate to have World Reader as a partner organization, and to have 100 E-Readers (the device)  in our Library, giving our students access to 127 book titles that they can read through the Library E-Reader program.  

But here is the big news, recently we received a generous donation from the Birmingham University (England) to purchase another 10 books per device, and World Reader as part of their visit yesterday has guaranteed that these 10 books will become 30.  We are so very appreciative and enthusiastic to both for the further opportunity that this will give our students at Ruben. 

MS Opiyo (our Headmistress) introduced the group to the many extra-curricular opportunities available and to the school model which has been designed to nurture the talents of all the students, both academically and artistically.  The Orchestra played, with our very own conductor Collin, and the walk through the school clearly demonstrated what a wonderful leaning environment Ruben Primary provides.

Our Librarian, Lemba Nzioka, was so encouraged to see the founders of the World Reader as members of the visiting party, and to see how delighted they were to experience the positive impact that this program is having on our students, and that the library is the focal point in creating a reading culture.

Thanks, to each of the persons who visited; it was great to see you and to share all the opportunities that the digital world of reading has to offer.

Ruben Centre