Lea Toto


Lea Toto program is a partner program. It is a community based care program of the Children of God Relief Institute COGRI, which extends Nyumbani care of HIV+ children in to the wider community.

The program targets children who are HIV infected and works with families to ensure that they lead a healthy and quality life- positive living. Lea Toto further strives to prevent possibilities of infant infections by their mothers.

Empowering communities inspired by Christian compassion to provide holistic care to all HIV positive children and their families.


Providing quality comprehensive care and support to HIV positive children and their families.

Strategies used to bring the vision and mission to life:

  • Economic empowerment of vulnerable families by linking them with micro-finance programs.
  • Creation of linkages between the community and families.
  • Offering free medical interventions.
  • Making referrals for inpatients and other specialized care facilities.
  • Offering school scholarships for children in the program.
  • Education initiatives for health issues and dietary matters for mothers and children in the program.
  • Operating a VCT Centre and initiating programs for HIV testing and Counseling.
  • Facilitation of a program of comprehensive cares for families affected by HIV Aids.
  • Networking with other health facilities in order to access a range of in-service for staff and for better programs of care for families in the program.
  • Focusing on home based care programs, and establishing support groups for families in the program.
  • Economic needs assessment with families and monthly food supplements for needy families.